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Winning with People

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I was only half-joking with my “working a lot…” post. It did remind me that the only way to win in anything that you do is to build good relationships with people. It’s easy to forget when you caught up in your work.

Whether or not you can build a good relationship with everybody is a matter of your own natural relationship skills (some folks are just born a “people person”), the time you put into it, and how consciously you grow your relationship skills. Even the most introverted of people can enhance and grow their relationships by simply taking the effort.

I try to make an effort to build relationships, but I try to focus on a few people at a time. I certainly don’t have the skills of a master relationship builder to focus on many people at once. These days, I simply want to try to find out more about a person, so I will take them to lunch and focus on finding out about them. Sometimes I focus on a relationship because of work (got to pay the bills), but I always try to make it about more than just work.

Back when I worked at Sapient, I would have “Leadership Lunches” with leaders in my client organization or potential leads. This was more of a personal thing than it was work related. I would interview these folks and try to figure out what made them successful leaders at work, at home, and in their community.

All this being said, I don’t hesitate to cut ties with folks who are attempting to build unhealthy relationships with me or others, such as a relationship where the person continuously brings a negative sentiment to the table all the time. Or one where the person attempts to maintain negative relationships with others just to make themselves feel better.

Check out Winning with People by John Maxwell for a good list of People Principles.


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September 15, 2008 at 10:57 am

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