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The Power of Big Picture Thinking

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So it is that I was thinking about… well… thinking! Specifically, what John Maxwell would call "Possibility Thinking."

As a developer in the daily 9-to-5 grind for a corporate environment, it is often easy to spend your time thinking about small tasks, the stories over the next few days, or the latest office gossip. If you’re a passionate developer, you might spend time talking about the latest design patterns in your code, the latest DI container, or the coolest blog entry – all great things, but very developer focused. Worst yet, if you’re "stuck" in an environment because you can’t move or are afraid to then it is sometimes difficult to see outside that environment.

I think software is a great enabler of possibilities. Software has and will continue to revolutionize the world – from the latest GPS application, to video games, to new safety features in cars. Obviously, the list goes on and on, but there’s no reason why your software can’t do the same.

So why not open your mind to the possibilities? Doing so will allow you to dream about the things that can be done with your software. Even if you are constrained by time, budgets, and what your boss wants you to do next, go ahead and dream big. You will be energized. You will keep going. And most importantly, you will break through the constraints brought on by those who don’t take the time.

So how do you do this with software development?

  • Start by not limiting yourself to "perfect code." As great as it is to have the perfect Domain Driven Design, heavy use of design patterns, and 99.99% test coverage, sometimes focusing on these parts of the application keep your focus away from the ultimate purpose of the application – the people using your application and how they are going to use it.
  • Software "experts" can limit your thinking. Read the blogs and go to the conventions, but THINK about what you’re reading. Mix in your own knowledge, expertise, experience, and creative thinking to come up with your own unique interpretation of what is being presented. Most importantly, don’t let the "experts" turn your possibilities into impossibilities.
  • Question things! Think BIG! Remember that change is a good thing. Be a catalyst for change. If you can’t bring things up constructively or productively immediately, make a note of your questions and come back after you have structured the question properly.
  • Remain passionate!!! Sometimes the grind can make things routine. It certainly does for me. Others will want to bring you down to their level. Others may not appreciate software development like you do.

Written by Nelson

March 18, 2008 at 3:10 am

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  1. Hi,

    Excellent article – I really appreciate your knowledge about Software development and I have bookmarked it for later viewing and forwarded it on.



    March 25, 2008 at 5:04 am

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