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Writing messy code is slow – duh!

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This post is a pretty interesting discussion on creating messes in your code when you need to write code fast. The point of the post is that it DOES NOT pay off to make those messes in the first place. It comes back in the end.

Take your time. Write the code “as correct as possible” in the first place. Even with the best of intentions, you will not have the time to come back to correct ALL the messes. Don’t fool yourself.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a millionaire business person in need of a developer. And that was the root of his problem – he just needed a developer. Somebody who just coded… He had no on-staff software architects, project managers or lead developers.

I’m a big believer that having some process in place (agile, waterfall, or whatever) is essential. Knowing where you are going and HOW you will get there (even a guess) is important on any journey. Software is no different.

Making messes, lacking plans and processes of any sort in an effort to get things done quickly are dangerous qualities to believe in, no matter the situation.

The business person believed that he knew how to build software as well as he could build businesses. I wonder what happens when he makes a mess of one of his businesses?


Written by Nelson

January 30, 2007 at 9:46 pm

Posted in Agile Software

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  1. He files for bankruptcy and creates a new business or he changes his current business name to hide his shame.

    Amen on the process being necessary.

    Jason Meridth

    January 31, 2007 at 1:52 am

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