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NDbUnit and Sql Server CE

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Well, in attempting to utilize NDbUnit, I realized two things:

1. There is no support for Sql Server CE, since the data access library for it is entirely different. However, it does support the common data access interfaces (IDbTransaction, etc), so I think I can work with this.

2. NDbUnit does not support the unit of work concept. That is, participate as part of transaction, allowing the tests to do their thing and then rollback the entire thing. It carries out EXPLICIT inserts and deletes as part of the unit testing… which may not be such a great thing if I stop the tests in the middle of running or if something blows up. Worst yet, I fear potential deadlock situations with this setup, since the transaction runs on its own connection.

So… I’ll fix these things. 🙂

Already have the Sql Server CE running with unit tests… encountered a HUGE issue with poor identity support, but I’ll blog about that later.

Currently, I’m working on modifying the NDbUnit constructor to accept a transaction context (specifically from NHibernate, but could be used for other things).

More to come…


Written by Nelson

December 28, 2006 at 3:29 am

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