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Capitalism in China

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I listened to an interesting commentary on NPR this morning.

The commentary started off by indicating that the Chinese economy is expected to be the largest economy within three decades. Between its role as the manufacturing capital of the world and graduating more computer engineers than the US, China’s economic growth is unstoppable.

So where is the Communism that the US has feared for so long? (Still fears…?)

Well, according to the commentary, it’s still in the government. The Chinese government is still very much Communist and very much authoritarian. Disobey and you will pay. (I came up with that…)

All the past few decades worth of US government policy work to bring capitalism to China – and in doing so convert them to democracy – has helped make China an economic powerhouse. However, the commentary’s point was that just because you have capitalism, does not mean that you automatically have democracy. The other way around IS true; if you have democracy, then you have capitalism.

China is an authoritarian government with a capitalist economy. And it works.


Written by Nelson

January 4, 2006 at 1:17 pm

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